Terms of Service

The COVIDTutor Project is a group that links students to volunteer student-tutors. By submitting your information through our Google Forms system, you are agreeing to this document. We (our management team) will provide resources to tutors such as advice and tutoring tips. We (our management team) reserve the right to and will provide a student's full name, username, and/or email address to their assigned tutor. We (our management team) reserve the right to and will provide a tutor's full name, username, and email to their assigned student(s). You're (students and tutors) will only be used for providing tutoring services and communication regarding our tutoring service. Tutors and students are obligated to use appropriate correspondence and conduct. S. Plant nor any members of the management team may be help liable for the actions of independent tutors or students. We ask that all students and tutors use common-sense precautions when meeting online. We reserve the right to terminate and remove any students or tutors from our project without providing a reason at any time. Upon termination and removal, a tutor's hours will be revoked and not rewarded. Lying, exaggerating, or misreporting hours volunteered is in direct violation of our Terms of Service and will result in immediate termination without the option for review. S. Plant nor any other members of the management team nor tutors are responsible for the outcome of tutoring and the exchange of information. Please use our project responsibly. Help your fellow people.