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Interested in becoming a tutor? Click the link below!
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Interested in getting tutored? Click the link below!
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Our Mission

We want to help every student who has missed out on a learning opportunity this semester. Learning online is new for most and many are finding it very challenging. Our project helps those students by pairing them with a peer who can help them prepare for that next test, explain a math problem, or create a study plan for AP tests. In addition to helping students who are struggling, we also create an opporunity for other students to earn community service hours. We provide signed forms and a certificate for every student who volunteers to become a tutor. This will help to fill a gap on the resum├ęs of many by providing them with an opportunity to help others in desperate time.

Our Research

The COVIDTutor Project was created to help students adjust to distance learning. There are many lessons to be learned from this years pandemic, including how schools can improve their online learning systems. As a team committed to improving the education of students everywhere, we're conducting research about how students were affected by the recent pandemic and how schools can adjust in the future. If you're interested in participating, check out the link below and share it with your fellow high school students.

Distance Learning Survey

Our Partners

None of this could be possible without the wonderful support from our partners!