What is COVIDTutor?

Learn what COVIDTutor.live is all about

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) has already infected hundreds of thousands of people, with clear effects on students globally: closed schools, reduced volunteer hours, and less preparedness for important upcoming tests. To combat the consequences of the ongoing pandemic, we decided to create a platform that connects high school students struggling with learning vital knowledge in a certain area with another high school student that can tutor in that area, all while under quarantine from the Covid-19 virus, hence COVIDTutor.live. In creating such a platform, we here at COVIDTutor aim to help solve all the adversity this global pandemic has placed upon students and their future endeavors. Our network has grown to support over 190 students, work with over 150 tutors, and form relationships with 3 partner organizations. If you have any questions regarding COVIDTutor, please contact us at contact@covidtutor.live and we will be happy to get in touch with you ASAP. Have a nice day and stay safe!

For Students

Thousands of students across the country have found themselves suddenly working on school work from home. Many of these students have begun to fall behind and struggle due to these sudden changes. We work to bridge the learning gap for these students by assigning them with highly qualified tutors. We regularly work with tutors to provide training and resources to improve the outcome of tutoring for our students. In addition to regular school subjects, we also help students prepare for standardized tests such as the SAT, ACT, SAT II Subject Tests, and AP Exams.

For Tutors

COVIDTutor provides an opportunity for individuals to help their community during this difficult time. Volunteer opportunities have disappeared amid the spread of the Coronavirus, leaving students with few opportunities to give back and earn volunteer service hours. Our project enables students to help one another, all the while allowing for tutors to learn about themselves through teaching others and the use of our resources to improve their own skills.